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Jim Carrey hijacks TODAY, weighs in on Weiner

TODAY's Ann Curry chats with actor and comedian Jim Carrey, who stars as Mr. Popper in the upcoming family-friendly movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins."

Actor Jim Carrey appeared on TODAY to talk about his new film, "Mr. Popper's Penguins." The actor says he enjoys working with animals, and penguins in particular. "I like animals. I like animals, and they like me apparently, especially penguins. I've always liked penguins because, as Steve Martin says, you can never be unhappy when someone is playing a banjo, the same thing goes for penguins. They come in a room, you drop all your angst, everything goes away.

"Penguins are magic ... you rub their bellies, and all your dreams come true. My dream was to be pecked mercilessly."

But never one to be reined in, Carrey eventually veered slightly off topic. After telling stories about the perils of filming alongside a pack of flightless birds, he shifted to talking about Anthony Weiner.

"Here's the thing: everybody's talking about the texting and the sexting that's going on, but no one is noticing how odd it is that he has the body of a beefcake workout dude, and the head of a fly," Carrey said. "It's just weird to me. It's like Jeff Goldblum. Dude, you're  nerd!"

Before sitting down with Ann Curry to discuss his new film, which opens Friday, Carrey engaged in a little horse play with Matt Lauer and crashed Natalie Morales' news segment

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